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Trying out! A new frontend JS framework

Trying out! A new frontend JS framework

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Kim Sheng Yong
·Nov 24, 2021·

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Yesterday, folks from (which are the team building react router) open sourced Remix, which is a React-based framework like Next.js (they are meta-frameworks).

Since 2020, Kent C Dodds had been actively sharing Remix and talking about how good it is, which makes me excited to try it out. Unfortunately, during that time it is a paid software with about USD250 per year.

It is open-sourced now!!


However, now it is open-sourced, and I am here to try out Remix and rebuild my personal website with Remix (although I just built my personal website a month ago with NextJS 😂). The aim is to try out Remix and understand how it differs from NextJS and other frameworks which I tried before as well.

Highlights to tryout

Here are some of the highlights that I am excited to see how it works in Remix:

  1. Only Server-side rendering
  2. Built on Web Fetch API
  3. Nested routes
  4. Form submit like HTML Forms
  5. Error handling
  6. MDX support on the go
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